DIY / 2017 / Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon

Duct tape, baking powder, potash, hydrangea potato fertilizer, silver paper, water bottle, tub, sugar, latex gloves, newspaper, spotlights, lighter. The objects are components of a bomb. Local partner: SuperBrugsen.


"Duchamp's iconic work Fontaine from 1917 came to give birth to the concept of 'readymade' about everyday objects that were moved from their original surroundings to an artistic framework and thus reconsidered. The perception of art was overturned, as everything could in principle now be put in an artistic framework and called art.
This is a discussion that is still relevant to this day, and at the West Jutland Art Pavilion, the readymade concept is being revised.
For the group exhibition Fontaine, four Danish visual artists, Kristoffer Akselbo, Luise Sejersen, Lise Skou and Anders Visti, have been invited to submit their bids for Readymades. However, the works enter into a more technological dialogue with concept art than Duchamps and touch on areas ranging from the economic, political and procedural to the intimate.
For example, Kristoffer Akselbo's work DIY (Do It Yourself) has taken the Readymade to the extreme by presenting the components of a bomb."