DOITPROJECT is a mockumentary project made for YouTube 2011

DOITPROJECT is a mockumentary project made solely for YouTube between 2010-2011 and distributed from 2011-2012 and is still visible on YouTube.

The project was filmed at different locations in Los Angeles and produced by Fridthjof Film in Denmark.
The project aimed to imitate and resemble certain commercial structures found on YouTube. The hybrid-project investigated how conscious the online user is about brands and viral product videos, and the extent to which these videos are helping to shape the products and their identity on the Web when people are sharing and seeding them in their networks.
To make the imitation complete, DOITPROJECT also made use of professional seeders and hired the company Buzzanova a company that normally distribute commercial content for different companies.

DOITPROJECT is written and directed by Kristoffer Akselbo, edited by Kaspar Astrup Schroeder and produced by Miriam Nørgaard and Sara Stockmann.
The entire project was done with a fantastic crew in Los Angeles with producer Nina Leidersdorff (Fluid Film):
Lewis Fowler : 1st AC
PAulo Uchua : 2nd AC
Tad Chamberlain : Sound
Michael Johnson : Gaffer

and last but not least amazing DOP Michael Pessah

Project was supported by The Danish Art Council and Danish Film Institute

The project is still on YouTube though more consist of 22 films on 5 different channels
begin here:
or see them all here:

on set for an "interview" preperations on set The Light Man thelightmethod on set, DOP Michael Pessah on set at mount "accident"