Global Four Seasons / 2011

Global Four Seasons is a video and music piece. Created together with composer Thommy Andersson.
Global Four Season is a rearranged version of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.
The original score was altered in tempo and pitch and performed in The Concert hall of Odense in Denmark by Odense Symphony Orchestra 2011.

The original score was altered into an extreme fast tempo for summer and autumn and an extreme slow speed for spring and winter. This alteration generated the use of instruments not normally associated with Vivaldi and his time.
Exemplified in a Violin solo for the winter season, were rewritten to a fit a Tuba solo, an instrument invented in early Industrialization, an instrument not yet possible to produce at the time Vivaldi composed the original piece of music.

Global Four Seasons make use of the most iconic passages from the original score, and the total play time of the new music score is 10.15min.
The project was supported by The Danish Art Council

at Kunsthallen Brandts 2011 at Kunsthallen Brandts 2011