"Greve Has a Heart " / "Greve Har Et Hjerte" / 2018
(see also The Avatar performance)

Is a documentary art project consisting of several short 3D films telling a different story about a public artwork titled “Hjertemix” created by the artist Helle Hove and Karoline H. Larsen.
“Hjertemix” resides in the tunnel connecting a large mall to the residential area named Gersagerparken in Greve Municipality. The stories in "Greve Has a Heart " short films are told through those who move through the tunnel on a daily basis interacting with “Hjertemix”. They become the voice of the artwork, making the artwork able to tell its own story through the eyes that gazes the it.

The point in “Greve Has a Heart” is that a work of art is deeply dependent on people around it. A receiver. The work of art 'lives' right first, at the moment someone interacts with it. In this way, a work of art will always be the result of others' thoughts about it.

To illustrate this some of the residents were made into avatars for the work of art. An avatar is a physical or digital manifestation of something intangible and abstract. It can be a thought. A feeling. A movement or an experience. In "Greve has a heart", the avatar becomes a living image of the art work's relation to its recipient.

Turning the artwork into a human being with a heart, thoughts and feelings.

“If the artwork was a human, it would be very self-centered. It would encourage people to contribute their lives and their participation, but ultimately make everything happen about themselves."