NokiaKnifeProduction / 2009 - ??

I established the NokiaKnifeProduction back in 2009 and started to do some short films for YouTube. The general plan was to gain experience with YouTube media and gather informations that was important for my YouTube documentary project DOITPROJECT 2011-2012. The alter ego NokiaKnifeProduction was luckily accepted by Danish Film Institute and supported for the DOIPROJECT test productions. NokiaKnifeProduction aims itself to produce critical short films often with dogmatic use of YouTube aesthetics. Today NokiaKnifeProduction has produced over 30 short films for net and art exhibitions. Participants include people like DJ NOICE, MOBY-gratis, film director Jørgen Leth, Chris Burden and Organist Lars Sømod.

At the moment NokiaKnifeProduction has focused its energy at the SUPERMOON documentary for iPad.


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