SUPERMOON Comic / a journalistic graphic novel made for iPad. 2011-2014

Supermoon tells another story about climate change and rising water levels. Copenhagen was flooded by water on the 2. July 2011. The biggest rainfall ever registered. Was it by coincidence that it happened at a time of new moon perigee? The images of the flooded city strongly resembled the images of the tsunami following the horrific 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Japan. This earthquake happened at the exact time of the Supermoon. I decided to investigate more into articles and research regarding the moon and its tidal forces and began my journey – I wanted to find out more of this phenomenon and its relation to climate change and politics.

The Supermoon Comic app contains a 51 page story based on interviews and research with among others: Astrologer Richard Nolle, Associate Professor Peter Ditlevsen, Astrophysicist Anja Cetti Andersen, Professor Ole Humlum, Professor Harald Yndestad, Politician Ida Auken and Physicist Henrik Svensmark.
The drawings and story have been 2 years in the making and contains in-app footnotes, visuals based on material from Architects Tredje Natur, Foster + Partners, Wave Star A/S and Shimizu Corporation, facts and URLs all exploring the mystery of the climate change.

The Supermoon Comic app is published and produced by Haandholdt – a platform for art on handheld devices - translated by Knud Kristensen and app software is developed by Thomas Joris Papa.
SUPERMOON Comic app score is created in corporation with Thommy Andersson.

The project was awarded: New Danish Screens visual Talent-Date prize 2012. Together with production designer and visual artist Jonas Springborg.
The project is supported by Danish Art Council.

Download for iPad:

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