Now! Do You Find Me Exotic. / 2017

Performance at DADA center Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

Now! do you find me exotic, is an attempt to address the challenging psychological aspects of the word exotic.
The performance consists of two masked characters:
"The Shoe shiner" and "a character who oscillates between being the sole survivor after a disaster and a pioneer in a new world order". One of them is extrovert, confronting people with a personal choice of labor and services, the other introvert and scary, building small smoke-grenades out of everyday objects.
What is the meaning of exotic:
Is it something of foreign origin or character? Not native? Introduced from abroad but not fully naturalized or acclimatized?
Or is it a character or object strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance?
Is it exotic if it doesn't fit context? Can we only be safe in what we perceive by calling what we cannot adapt to - exotic? Do we find "exotic" in the same realm as "fear" and "misunderstanding"?

- A Performance by Kristoffer Akselbo with Søren Berner
Kindly supported by the Danish Art Counsil