"NOW YOU FIND ME!, Tesaurus" / 2019

Performance and installation. Concrete, painted styrofoam, woven Guy Fawkes mask, softwareapplication, printer, laptop, paper shredder. Dimensions variable.

(excerpt) "Upon arrival at Lokale, the audience is met by a blocked window display, covered by an interim-built wall. The audience is led into the room and around the walls, continuing throughout the exhibition space. Around the room, work documents are hung and everyday objects, seemingly discarded, are placed—and a number of prompts are marked on the floor, indicating a system of functions.

A figure dressed in a black and a Guy Fawkes mask woven into a white knitted balaclava, schematically moves between these prompts, from which he organizes the exhibition’s documents into a special pattern of holes drilled into the exhibition walls..."

supported by Danish Art Counsil