An art performance at Ringsted Galleriet, a violent and brutal performance where an Ordinary Civic suddenly takes action, exposing himself in a hideous way, shooting up his selfmade building and scaring and patronizing the spectators.

"A both sculptural and performative work is being done, testing the limits. The boundaries between art and the recipient of the art, where the work is realized in the meeting with its audience, a meeting where there is not necessarily a harmonious outcome. The ruin is built with an eye for the ruin, but unlike other imposing buildings, the ruin is not seen as a monument to a glorious past, closer to a pantheon of the cold-headed idealism."

" an endangered heteronormative masculinity at work, with a prefabricated ruin of aerated concrete blocks and orange PU foam - exposed to an evil school-shooting filmed by dedicated GoPro cameras: "Boom, boom boom, I wan't you in my room."

text excerpt from Ringsted Galleriet press-release and The Danish Art Counsil
photos Morten Jacobsen