A project created together with artist Rune søchting

In an empty white exhibition space in the House of Art and Design in Holstebro you could find an inflatable structure resembling the character of an ancient ruin.
The inflatable ruin was the exhibition's specific and thematic focal point. The ruin played a part as both a sculptural object and a fragment. It was situated as a backdrop for a special script, written specific for the exhibition a script that was supposed to be rewritten during the exhibition period . The manuscript was created during an ingenious series of processes involving many different voices and not least a question of how text can be transformed over time.

The project examined the processes of how things occur in a continuous game of creation and destruction and the link between the historical ,the permanent and the temporary and transitory.
During the exhibition period, the inflatable ruin slowly deflated and thus becoming another ruin of a ruin.

The project was supported by The Danish Art Council