THE TUNE / 2009 -

The work The Tune is an ongoing performance project, firstly created with aid from organist Lars Sømod from Our Saviour's Church in Copenhagen in 2009. In 2010 it was performed in Riga on their City Hall bell system as a part of a solo-exhibition in Riga. Later in 2011 it was performed at Silkeborg Church with help form organist Karin Viller Hansen as part of a group show curated by Line Sandvad Mengers.

Nokia's famous ringtone is a short part of the composer Francisco Tárregas "Gran Vals ". These notes is rearranged to match church chimes and coded into a midi-file so it can be played at any given time of the day.

In this video, THE TUNE is played from the bell tower of Our Saviour's Church in Copenhagen in 2009.
"The ringtone " could be heard twice a day during the week.