Message outside paintball course sounded:

"The performance Wild Wolf Shot comments on the fact that the wolf has returned to the Danish landscape. Wild Wolf Shot addresses man's fear of the stranger. An anxiety that is a survival function, but which, in its negative form, also causes us to act irrationally, ineffectively, and inhumanly. On the paintball course, the survival instinct awakens through play. In the game, the fear of the returning wolf figure is transformed into a choice that participants must make. Should they shoot the wolf or spare it with the risk of what that choice might entail?
NOTE! The wolf finds himself on the track at unannounced times. "

Wild Wolf Shot Performance was performed at Eventhall's paintball court in Tranbjerg (Municipality of Aarhus)
in connection with the exhibition Action Paint MMXVIII arranged by Aarhus Festuge and Kunsthal Aarhus

Together with the shooting incident , participants could also get themselves an special made WWS POV emblem together with a certificate for their participation. A trophy or a reminder.